Common Name:  Zebra Loach

Species Name:  Botia Striata

Approx. Size:  3" - 4"

Compatibility:  Community

Temperature:  23-26°C (73ºF to 78ºF)

Water Chemistry:  6.0 - 7.5 pH

Diet:  Omnivores
Zebra Loaches have become increasingly popular amongst hobbyists for their incessant snail-eating
and small size by comparison to the popular Clown Loach.  These striped Loaches are sometimes
confused with Botia hymenophysa (Tiger Loach), which grows to twice the size and is more aggressive.  
B. hymenophysa has similar coloring but the stripes are wide and largely solid.

These Loaches will make an appearance during feeding time if they are comfortable, and having several
will encourage daytime appearances.  It is, however, largely nocturnal.   
Caves should be provided and
plants, driftwood or other cover is also appreciated.

Zebra Loaches are a peaceful addition to the community tank if you do not keep pet snails.  They can live
for over 15 years if well cared for.  There are currently no reports of captive breeding, and sexing these
Loaches based on appearance only is virtually impossible.

These efficient scavengers are easy to care for, requiring only very clean conditions, good
filtration and a
proper diet. They benefit from both protein and vegetation in their diet.  High quality
flake, pellets or
wafers, freeze-dried, fresh and frozen foods are all eagerly devoured and contribute to a healthy diet.  
Slightly acidic conditions are appreciated but not absolutely necessary.  You will find many
available, which will provide you with more detailed information and guidelines should you require them.
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