Common Name: Scissortail

Species Name:  Rasbora trilineata

Approx. Size:  4" - 6"

Compatibility:  Community

Temperature:  25-28°C (77-82°F)

Water Chemistry: 5.8 - 8 pH

Diet:  Omnivores
The Scissortail is an interesting Rasbora who gets its name from the scissor-like movements of the tail
fin.  Above the faded black horizontal line in the middle, is a golden olive shade, with silver below.  the tail
is gold, white and black.  They are an active, schooling fish requiring several of their own kind to feel at
ease.  They particularly shine against plants as a backdrop and are often used in show planted tanks.  

The Scissor tail is a peaceful addition to the community tank and hardy enough for beginners.  While
open swimming space is desired, they do appreciate tall
plants to take shelter in if desired.  These fish
can be with you for up to 10 years if well cared for.

Breeding this fish is somewhat difficult, but possible in captivity.  The female will become plump with
eggs when she is ready to spawn, and a separate spawning tank is suggested.  Low pH is required and
Baby Brine Shrimp should be on hand for newborn fry.

These elegant fish are easy to care for, requiring only very clean conditions, good
filtration and a proper
diet. They benefit from both protein and vegetation in their diet, with an emphasis on protein.  High
flake, freeze-dried, fresh and frozen foods are all eagerly devoured and contribute to a healthy
diet.  You will find many
books available, which will provide you with more detailed information and
guidelines should you require them.
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