Common Name:  Rainbowfish

Species Name:  Melanotaeniidae & Pseudomugilidae

Approx. Size:  2" - 6"

Compatibility:  Community

Temperature:  20 - 28°C

Water Chemistry:  6.5 - 7.8 pH

Diet:  Omnivores
Rainbowfish are one of the most versatile, colorful groups of fish that a hobbyist can keep.  They adapt to
a wide range of conditions, include colors from muted pastels to vivid brights, have similar requirements
and are non-aggressive.  They are active yet retain a certain dignified manner about them.  Although they
have been kept in captivity for around a hundred years, they didn't really gain popularity until the last 25
years or so.  Most of this can be attributed to their lack of coloration until mature, appearing somewhat
dull at store size.  Around 90 species have been identified with more species yet to be discovered.  

These fish will not bother your live plants and adding them will contribute to a healthy environment.  The
Rainbowfish is a peaceful addition to the community tank.  They can live for over 4 years if well cared for.

Breeding most of the more common species of Rainbows is reasonably easy.  Some utilize plants as a
spawning site or scatter their eggs.  The bigger challenge is sometimes with raising the tiny fry.  A
culture of Microworms and Infusoria should be established for feeding newborn fry.

These breathtaking fish are easy to care for, requiring only very clean conditions, good
filtration and a
proper diet. They benefit from both protein and vegetation in their diet.  High quality
flake, pellets or
wafers, freeze-dried, fresh and frozen foods are all eagerly devoured and contribute to a healthy diet.  
You will find many
books available, which will provide you with more detailed information and guidelines
should you require them.
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