Common Name: Bullnose, Bulldog, Rubberlip, Rubbernose

Species Name:  Chaetostoma Sp.

Approx. Size: 4"

Compatibility:  Community

Temperature: 68-75°F (20-24°C)

Water Chemistry:  6.8 - 7.8 pH

Diet:  Herbivores/Omnivores
Bullnose Plecos have become increasingly popular amongst hobbyists for their algae eating and small
size.  There is often some confusion regarding the size and species in general due to common names.  
The name 'Bulldog Pleco" applies to the family, whereas Bullnose Pleco applies to the specific species.  
However, many stores will label the "Bullnose Pleco" (Chaetostoma Sp.) as "Bulldog Pleco"
(Chaetostoma Family).  The hobbyist attempting to read about the Bulldog Pleco may find information
indicating that it will reach a foot in length, whereas the commonly seen Bullnose Pleco will reach a max
of 4".  To further confuse the issue, these fish are otten labelled "Chatostoma Thomasi.  Not only is that
name inaccurate, but what has always been considered the proper name, C. Thomsoni, is also under
review as the species name.  There are several species imported under the same name, making it very
difficult to decide which fish you actually have.

The Bullnose Pleco is not considered to be the most beautiful Pleco in the world, but what it lacks in
looks, it makes up for in work habits.  These ace algae eaters are usually olive green in color, with black
outlines on the plates, giving a striped appearance.  Their prominant 'nose' is spotted.  There are some
variations in appearance amongst the common species currently imported.

These active fish are aggressive with their own kind if ample territory is not available, but are otherwise a
peaceful addition to the community tank.  
Caves should be provided and low plants, driftwood or other
cover is also appreciated.  

Bullnose Plecos are egg spawners, depositing a small clutch of eggs beneath a rock/cave of the male's

These hard-working fish are easy to care for, requiring only very clean conditions, good
filtration and a
proper diet. They benefit from both protein and vegetation in their diet, but require vegetable matter
primarily.  Zucchini is a favorite vegetable.  High quality vegetable
flake or wafers, freeze-dried, fresh and
frozen foods are all eagerly devoured and contribute to a healthy diet.  Bullnose Plecos require
well-oxygenated water that is a little more on the hard side than most Plecos enjoy.  You will find many

s available, which will provide you with more detailed information and guidelines should you
require them.
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