Common Name:  Yo Yo Loach, Pakistani Loach

Species Name:  Botia almorhae {Formerly B. Lohachata}

Approx. Size:  4 - 6"

Compatibility:  Community

Temperature:  24 - 28°C (65-82°F).

Water Chemistry:  6-7 pH but adaptable

Diet:  Omnivores
Yo Yo Loaches are very popular, both for their novelty and snail hunting skills.  They are a great
alternative to clown loaches as they stay smaller.  Their common name comes from the younger fish
sporting a "Yo Yo" pattern.  This pattern changes into an attractive black chain-type pattern over the entire
body.  They will often develop a light gold sheen when healthy and content.

These Loaches are from Pakistan where they reside in slow moving waters.  Slightly acidic conditions
are appreciated, but not absolutely necessary.   They adapt readily to a wide range of conditions.

Loaches are fantastic scavengers and are able to really dig down into the substrate for leftover food.  
They also feed at the top of the tank, and make clicking noises at the surface as they eat.  They can be
somewhat aggressive feeders, so care should be taken when combining them with fish who are more
shy at the dinner table, such as Angelfish.

There are no known breeding reports.  Sexing the Yo Yo Loaches is difficult.  You can sometimes tell the
males from the females by a rounder body shape in the females and more red around the barbels of
the males, but this is usually only evident at full maturity and isn't a reliable indicator even then.  
Simulating their native breeding season may inspire breeding activity.

Yo Yo Loaches are classed as nocturnal, but in captivity they are often active throughout the day.   With
ample open space they will often play in groups, repeatedly swimming in the same pattern for an
entertaining display.  They appreciate the company of their own kind and become much more visible
and active when there are three or more in the tank.
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