Koran Angel

Common Name:  semicircle angel

Species Name:  Pomacanthus semicirculatus

Approx. Adult Size: 12"-15"   
Shipping size : usually 1"-4"
Compatibility: aggressive towards other similar angels.
They will eat corals
Distribution: Indo Pacific region
Temperature:  25 °C (78--80°F).

Water Chemistry:  8.2  but adaptable

Diet: They should be fed a variety of frozen foods that contain
shrimp,sponges, seaweeds and crustaceans
Koran Angels are a terrific addition for fish only tanks. They however are not reef safe and will consume
live corals.

We find them a relatively easy fish to keep when given quality food and clean water. They are a bit more
sensitive to poor water quality. Tanks with a protein skimmer and lots of live rock will suit these
incredible fish. You may find them to be a bit bossy towards their tank mates  not unlike the other large
species of Angels.

Large Angels will usually fight with other large Angels so only one large Angel per tank is
recommended.  Other tank mates are usually large Clowns, Tangs, Butterfly's, Lionfish, Triggers and
the like. In only the largest of aquariums can you house more than one large Angel.

Koran Angels will accept and do much better if fed a variety of foods, such as garlic enriched flake food,
frozen Angel formula foods, mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, Clams, Krill  and other prepared frozen foods
such as marine cuisine and seaweeds.

Be prepared to upgrade your tank as Korans can easily out grow a 50 gallon tank in the first year.

We import Koran Angels from the Indo Pacific region, including Fiji, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Our
normal shipping sizes range from 1.5" to 5"

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